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t numbers on jobs in america. in today's cover story, the company owners of hostess have an unwelcome christmas surprise for workers. plus, coffee talk in today's traders unpugged. what's the better buy: starbucks or green mountain? and, should unions become the high hope for low wage workers? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning on this jobs friday. it's december 7th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: the unemployment numbers. the market expects 90,000 jobs were added to payrolls in november and the unemployment rate will inch up to 8%. stocks and gold rallied ahead of today's numbers on jobs. however, oil slid more than $1 due to a growing supply of gasoline. netflix ceo reed hastings has received a wells notice from the sec. it reportedly has to do with information disclosed on his facebook page. also, according to reports, the washington post may be closer to charging customers to read artcles online. tim mulholland of china-america capital joins us on this jobs friday. t
the break. w the industrial age - when making things with machines basically made america great. for years the manufacturing sector has been in decline, but many feel it's fine to cede our one-time world dominance here to other nations while we pursue the sexy growth areas of i.t. but not so fast, say the authors of the book, "producing prosperity: why america needs a manufacturing renaisance." one of the authors is willy shee. he's a professor at harvard business school. professor, you say we need to reverse this trend because manufacturing is crucial to our economic future - make the case for that. > > bill, i think the issue is that the ability to make things underlies your ability to innovate. our studies have shown that in many fields, if you can't produce the product, it really inhibits your ability to innovate into future growth areas. and we all know the importance of innovation to the future growth of the country. > is this happening then with, you might say, business and government complicity or ignorance, not realizing how important this is to our overall economy? > > one of the
ever get one yesterday - bank of america back above $10. so, now what is going to happen for the markets? what do you think will be the next sector play? > > you know what, i am going to keep an eye on the financials of course. we are going to continue to watch mid-caps and small-caps. the data that has been coming out, and we have data coming out this morning, we are going to watch those more economically sensitive stocks here, domestically speaking. and those have been leading the market. yesterday they were leading the market even in spite of the pull-back that was early in this session. but this morning, we are going to see if that leadership continues, especially if the data comes out positive. > and they're continuing to sell off on gold. what levels are you watching for here? > > we broke through that $1,700 level. i am really actually watching the u.s. dollar. that is going to be a better flag right now. i think gold is still under pressure, but the dollar is really going to dictate at this stage, or at least flag, whether there is continual pressure. if strike st
. the company plans to trade under the ticker symbol "seas." still to come, layoffs are making corporate america richer, but is it good for the company stock? our traders go ethical, later on in traders unplugged. but first, why more consumers are becoming comfortable with their credit cards. that's next, after this "in the know" message. jwwñ over the last few years, we've been using our credit cards less and less. however, this year, holiday shopping saw that reverse itself. with us to talk about that is gerri detweiler. she's director of consumer education at credit.com. gerri, welcome. > > thank you. > what happened? > > there is a lot of frugal fatigue out there. we have been so careful with our spending for the past few years i think some consumers said "i deserve to buy myself something, not just other people gifts this year." so what we are seeing is, before the holidays, fico did a survey where they found that a slightly increased number of people said they would take three months or more to pay off their credit card debt that they plan to run up before the holidays. of course, now we
brazilian food. south america really is hot. the chicken we talked about and a lot of the menu trends are starting to bubble up from south america and really starting to make inroads on the menu. and you also find that restaurants are going to be seeking differentiation through libation variety. the drink menu. beverage is a great area for restaurant operators to innovate. we're seeing a lot in terms of microdistilled liquors and spirits. craft beer is certainly hot right now and non-alcoholic. whether its specialty drinks, specialty mock-tails. beverage is a great place to innovate and provide a differentiation for the consumer. i'm a smoothie man myself. hopefully there will be some of that out there. david henkes from technomic, thanks so much. still ahead... why so many motorists take the fast track when it comes to buying car insurance.. and how much they could be getting ripped off.. is next. w you've heard it here before-- you better shop around when it comes to car insurance.. despite our warnings.. most people are skipping getting several quotes before hooking up with insu
. citigroup, deutche bank, barclays and the investment banking unit of bank of america left it up to individual departments to pay out of their own accounts. back in the day, as in before the financial crisis, wall street firms rented out nightclubs and steakhouses in midtown for holiday celebrations. the u.s. government is calling in the national academy of sciences for yet another safety review of airport scanners. the department of homeland security says the nonprofit group of scientists will be charged with reviewing previous studies done on the scanners. the call comes amid continuing concerns from some members of congress, as well as some scientists, about the amount of radiation that the scanners subject travelers to. brave investors who bought junk-rated greek bonds in january of 2012 are sitting on profits. the highly-risky bond buy during an extremely volatile time for the country has earned investors 20 times more than people who purchased top-rated german debt this year. bloomberg news reports the return on the greek junk bonds is up 80%, compared to a gain of just 3.7
on the top 2% of wage earners in america. this week the gop offered a proposal that continues tax breaks for everyone while making cuts to medicare and social security. the president and democrats say the lack of a tax hike on the wealthy is leaving budget talks at an impasse. "60% of americans support asking millionaires to pay slightly more. many republicans feel the same way. the only ones who feel differently are the ones who work in this building. we can't let these negotiations be dictated by the tea party." "we've wasted an enormous amount of time here sparring back and forth in public, and it strikes me it's a good time to get serious about the proposals. traders are keying off market moves for clues about the economy. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us now. scott, what is the gold market telling traders about the prosepects of the economy going over the fiscal cliff? > > angie, it has been a very interesting trade in this space recently. people look to gold as the safe haven, yet we have seen gold prices come off about 5% over the last couple months. and in fact, yesterda
this morning. good morning phil. > > good morning! am i bringing good news to america. merry christmas! > we love this for a monday phil. so what is going on with gas supplies? > > it is called reefer madness-no! it's refiner madness! > there you go. > > last week, refiners rose to the occasion. in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, of course, the markets were screaming, "we need more gasoline! supplies are below normal! the east coast needs gasoline." so refining merchants went through the roof. what did the refiners do? they were refining gasoline not like we were going into thanksgiving and christmas. they work refining like we were going into the fourth of july. we saw refining margins go above 90% capacity, and produce so much gasoline that we saw the biggest one-week inventory build in gasoline supplies that we have seen in over 15 years, since september of 2001. i will take it a step further. what else we saw in that inventory report is, over the last two weeks, we have built almost 12 million barrels of gasoline in just two weeks. that is almost unheard of. the refiners did a phenomen
to make it in the industry. that's next. america's next top model and project runway are among the tv hits giving a new look at the modeling industry. show stars heidi klum and tyra banks have turned their modeling careers into multi-million dollar ventures. supermodel erin j. morgart joins us with the inside scoup. she is a supermodel of course, and i should point out you are harvard-educated and a member of mensa. and you are not the norm. so why do you think you were so successful at turning a deling career into more of a business venture? > > thank you for having me on the show. i believe that the reason why i have been successful is because i have hired the right people, i have gone the right path, i have hired a publicist, which is imperative, i have hired a manager, i have done photo shoots with the right people, i have avoided the pitfalls that many models fall into. i am a person of faith, and i believe that using that intelligence has guided me in my career, and i am branding myself as not only a model, but a person, a brand. > how can somebody out there make sure that they don't
help rebuild the abbey. that's kinda cool." only a few shops in america received this blessing. despite one per person - seriously - this shop in chicago ran out by two pm, leaving roughly 3,000 other beers available at this store. "so who's the lucky recipient of all six of these? probably me. my wife might have one." "they say this is a one-time only deal. i'd believe that, westvleteren's known to be very, very, very private." however reclusive the monks of westvleteran, their beer showed up on ebay going for up to $350 a six-pack, only a few hours after stores sold out. they may want to rethink that one-time- only thing. still to come, does the drop in unemployment make for the best time to load up on stocks? our traders go unplugged with their views. but first, find out how to protect your money in a season of scammers. that's next. [ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk. [ male announcer ] everyone loves to dunk. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken mcnuggets in creamy ranch and spicy buffalo sauce.
] more ways to love mcnuggets. ♪ a greek invasion is happening in america in the form of yogurt. hamdi ulukaya, founder, president and ceo of chobani yogurt, joins us now. you have the number-one-selling greek yogurt in the united states. 35% of the market share. so tell us, you now have even bigger news to report. what is it? > > chobani has built a second plant in the united states. we built a 1-million-square-foot plant in less than 11 months, and we are so excited that we are going to be launching three new chobani items from this plant as much as the other ones that all the country is asking for. > how many jobs will you be creating? > > this is starting with 330 jobs, but that is just phase one. > what do you make of all the success of chobani, and why do you think greek yogurt is so popular right now? > > when we started in a little plant in south evanston five years ago, we believed that food in general should be pure, it should be natural, and it should be accessible. and it should taste awesome. and that is what we aimed for. and we started with yogurt, which is a centuries-,
a corrective bounce and let's keep in mind that across north america it's been warmer than usual and so with that there has been more supply of oil and gas keeping the price lower. so to answer your question, i think we'll be okay through the holiday season. what are you doing with your money right now? right now i like boeing, i like occidental and i like halliburton. stocks that haven't caught up with the rally and will probably rally through the year's end. livin large---thank you very much that's larry shover of sfg alternatives. have a good day larry. thank you. one place money isn't going-- long-term investment in guns. as our cover story explains---investors--are distancing themselves from weapons manufacturers...as well as some retailers. pittsburgh-based dick's sporting goods is suspending sales of some rifles in it's nationwide chain of more than 500 stores in 44 states. no word how long the suspension will last. meanwhile, cerberus capital management, a new york based private equity firm says it will sell its investment in freedom group, a considation of one of the largest fi
as president obama and congressman boehner both talk to america about where they stand on the fiscal cliff. oil was the only riser and at one point-- topped $90. shares of bed, bath and beyond fell in the after hours session on disappointing earnings news. reports say game company thq has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection but is not going out of business. and boeing is said to be using sacks of potatoes on planes instead of people to test a new wifi system. jared levy of zacks.com joins us on the show this morning. good morning and you are among the traders riding that fiscal wave. > > it's a pretty big one. [laugh i hope it's over soon. > > i agree with you. so what do you think is likely to happen here? we had a selloff yesterday. > > i think yesterday's price action was more of the same. don't forget the s &p going into yesterday was a little overbought so yesterday's selloff was expected. today, don't forget, we've got some key numbers coming out. we've got unemployment, we have existing home sales, and then tomorrow's durable goods numbers. all of those really come into play
, the sleepless in america are creating a boost in business. consumers spending on treatments for insomnia shot up from $24 billion 4 years ago to $32 billion now. fortunately, it's a bumper year for the coffee crop in brazil. the country is harvesting its biggest coffee crop ever. and peter madoff is sentenced to the max of 10 years in prison for helping his brother bernie in their infamous ponzi scheme. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us on this friday morning for a closer look at the markets. good morning to you. we had a nice santa claus rally going on here. do you think that this fiscal talk is just going to kill it? > > no, it doesn't look like it. the trend over the last few days is, we have seen the market up, but we have seen it really kind of accelerate toward the end of the day. so, as news has not come out negatively, people are buying into the market. but what is interesting is, we have seen the vix, or volatility index, the protection of the market, also rise over the last three or four days, and rise fairly significantly. what that tells me is, the people that are still in th
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)

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